Day 244: Shrinking Feeling

Into The Dalek or Under The Heel?

September 1 main

This would have been yesterday’s blog if I hadn’t had to have risen at five o’clock in the morning to go to a car boot sale. But as soon as I saw this easily cut-outable shrinking capsule in “Into The Dalek” it was a cert to make it into Sole Of Sci-Fi at some point, so why wait?

As I predicted, the car boot wasn’t quite as successful as last time, but neither as bad as I feared. After a really slow start, it picked up nicely, and I have a decent amount to add to the sponsorship tally and a bit more  spend on eBay and charity shops buys (which then gets re-invested). But it’s becoming clear which pairs I’m never going to get rid of by January and which’ll be placed in the nearest charity box, including those ghastly shiny basketball trainers from ages back. I even reduced them to £4 by the end of the sale, and they didn’t go.

After all the extreme  gardening on Saturday (despite the tiny size of my garden we filled a skip with rubble and bamboo) and getting up at five in the morning yesterday for the car boot, I was completely wiped out yesterday afternoon. So I tried catching up with Extant (still bemused there’s a US TV show with a title 99.7% of US viewers will have to Google) and struggling to stay awake. Not sure if that’s tiredness or the effect of watching Extant.

“You have a sister…!”

“You have a sister…!”

It’s a real curate’s egg of a show. There are moments where it raises some really interesting moral questions about trying to give machines “life”. We’re talking things that even Data didn’t ask himself in seven years of Next Generation. But then, having raised it, it smugly pats itself on the back and returns to Goran Visnjic going, “Why?”, Halle Berry looking puzzled and some B-movie plot about womb-seeking space monsters. Even the two parallel plots (robot boy and space monster) are smugly complimentary; Halle Berry is “mother” to both, you see. It would be clever except the script keeps highlighting the fact in case we didn’t get it.

On the plus side, it’s the first show ever the feature a touching friendship between an android and a litter bin. Even Red Dwarf didn’t go there.

Oh, and two thirds of the way through the challenge now. You can applaud.

See you tomorrow.

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