Day 248: X-Man Vs Checks-Man

It’s not only Vans that like that chequered effect!

September 5 b

I’ve been going a bit old school with the photos recently: this trainer-and-toy set-up was the staple of The Sole Of Sci-Fi in the early days, but has since been largely usurped by the elaborate “Photoshpping trainers into films scenes” affairs, mainly because those blogs seem to get more hits.

But you know what? I’m still really fond of the trad Sole Of Sci-Fi shot. They may not be as clever, but they’re actually better photos – I love playing around with the camera settings to get a pleasing depth of field and colour balance. And hey, these were the kind of shots that launched Sole Of Sci-Fi and raised hundreds of pounds in the the first two months, so they can’t be all bad.

September 5 skip

This is not product placement. But if Able Waste want to show their appreciation, I won’t stop them…

I’m back home now after catsitting, filling up the purple skip before it gets taken away. I love the fact I’ve got a purple skip – I didn’t ask for it specifically. I’m thinking that when Sole Of Sci-Fi finished I’m going to do a blog devoted to purple things that you wouldn’t expect to be purple things. I’ve been becoming ever more obsessed with it over the last few months, and I think a purple skip is a sign that cannot be ignored.

Or maybe it can.

See you tomorrow.

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September 5 main


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