Day 250: Robot Knight And Wedding Day

Doctor Who gets very silly and the wedding witnesses a bizarre Sole Of Sci-Fi coincidence…

September 7 main

The Sole Of Sci-Fi has just entered the Twilight Zone. You may recall that on yesterday’s blog I mentioned I was off to a wedding, and that I’d chosen some snazzy peacock-patterned trainers for the occasion. If you think wearing trainers to a wedding is a bit uncouth, you need to realise that I was far, far from the only guy there in trainers and the groom was wearing jeans. But don’t think the casual approach undermined the occasion – this was one of the best, sweetest, most genuinely love-fuelled weddings I’ve ever been to, and not just love between bride and groom but love from the congregation for the happy couple – the applause and cheering when they kissed (wonderfully theatrically) at the end of the ceremony near tore the roof off Bath’s Guild Hall and the registrar looked shell shocked.

And you’ll never guess what the bride, Viv, had in her bouquet and on the table arrangements. Well, you will if you know a little bit about really obvious foreshadowing… Yep, one of the visual themes of the wedding was peacock feathers! I honestly didn’t know anything about that! Look here’s the evidence.

Wedding shot 1

Peacock featherI have to admit, that after a few ciders at the reception (hog roast at a great Bath pub called The Royal Oak, which comes complete with its own dire wolves), I nicked one of the feathers from a table arrangement. Well, I think I deserved one, considering my amazing powers of foresight.

And since there were an awful lot of trainer wearing blokes at the wedding, I even got tiddly enough to ask a few of them for loans for the charity challenge. It was a bit embarrassing, but I think I secured about four pairs. Not there and then – people  didn’t go home shoeless. I’ve got to collect them in the next couple of weeks.

wedding shoes

Here’s the money shot…

Wedding shot 2

And here’s the fabulous official wedding mobile…

wedding car

All these shenanigans meant I didn’t watch Doctor Who until early this morning, and it was prefect light fluff for when you’re recovering from the night before. I didn’t mind all the “but he’s just a legend” stuff, though I wasn’t convinced that Robin and his Merry Men had to be quite so pantomime. I would have at least liked the Doctor or Clara to say something like, “They’re a bit on the clichéd side, aren’t they?” Robin was practically Captain Flashheart. But it was fun, if a little shouty in places.

I did like the new camera angles they’re finding in the TARDIS, though.

See you tomorrow.

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