Day 251: It’s The Fuzz

The Dark Crystal’s Fizzgig seems very impressed with today’s Adidas Superstars…

September 8 main

Either Fizzgig is really excited to be taking part in the Sole Of Sci-Fi 365-day charity challenge, or he’s about to take a bite out of my toes.

Spent most of yesterday sorting out my Blu-ray and DVD collection, because I had a new set of shelves to fill. I’m not an alphabetiser (which should be a word, if it isn’t). I arrange more along a “themes” line: all the Harryhausens together; all the Hitchcock together; all the the TV comedy together; I would make a gag about all the porn together, but my mum reads this and never seems to know when I’m being tongue in cheek (which may not be the best phrase to use in context).

I’ve actually got far too many DVDs and Blu-rays, and there’s some right cack in there too – I actually own Tank Girl and Street Fighter. My excuse is that I bought them for research purposes, and it is amazing how many times Street Fighter has come in useful for screen-grabbing purposes. If you’re a media journalist it’s a great example of so many things handy for “list” features: pop stars in sci-fi (Kylie); final performances (Raul Julia); games made into films; silliest fight scenes (take your pic); to name but a few.

Maybe I should get rid of a few discs, but I always have the fear that as soon as I throw away, say, (wiki, wiki) Wild, Wild West (because, let’s face it, I’m never going to watch it for pleasure) I’ll be asked to write about Will Smith’s biggest clunkers or sommat (which reminds me – I also own I Am Legend). Even the miserable Dante 01 – an unwatchable, French language space station film – is handy come Easter each year, because it’s packed full of really corny religious imagery (the space station is in the shape of a cross).

invisible58I think the most obscure thing I rediscovered I’d forgotten about (I mean that literally – I keep forgetting I own it) is a DVD boxset of the Invisible Man TV series. No, not the David McCallum version from the ’70s, or the six part BBC version of the HG Wells novel from 1984 (produced by Barry Letts, Who fans) or even he 2000 US series. We’re talking the 1958 US version starring Tim Turner… not that he was ever credited, the poor guy (it was a gimmick thing that would give any current entertainment industry agent a heart attack). I must be about one of the six people in the UK who own that.

I’d love to know if you’re one of the other five.

See you tomorrow.

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