Day 262: NOT Independence Day

But I wore my Scottish flag coloured New Balance anyway…


September 19 main

So, it’s not bye bye Scotland and the Independence Day spaceships can hold fire on the Highlands.

As I said in a blog earlier this year, I don’t really have a problem with Scotland going independent (and I still suspect it will at some stage in my lifetime), but I did have a serious problem with it happening under Alex Salmond. I’m kinda glad the majority of the Scottish people proved to be suspicious of his self-aggrandising bluster. I’m still fairly sure the main reason he pushed through the referendum ill-advisedly early was that he wanted to go down in history as a Great Scottish Hero. Looks like he’ll be a foot note instead.

I just hope the fork-tongued British government doesn’t try to back track on its (last minute) promises now. I don’t think I could handle two or three years of Salmond banging on about Scotland being betrayed and how he was right all along. Unfortunately, I can’t see slimy toff Cameron trying to backtrack to some extent.

My problem is that I don’t feel particularly English, let alone proud to be English. I’m actually one-eighth Welsh, but I cling onto that eighth in desperation like it’s the only thing that gives me any kind of cultural definition. It might be different if I actually cam from a part with England with its own micro-cultural- climate, like Yorkshire, Cornwall or Newcastle, but I come from that desert of blandness – the home counties.

For some bizarre reason I have an accent that sounds vaguely Brummie (even a Brummie friend of mine reckons so) and I love that… because I’d rather people assume I was from Birmingham than Staines.

So I do feel for Yes voters who yesterday saw their dreams crushed. I’m a soul forever in search of a homeland to feel proud of so yeah, I can understand how exciting it must have been to feel like independence was within your grasp.

But I’m not sad that Alex Salmond isn’t gloating.

See you tomorrow.

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