Day 264: Full Moon Fever

The return of Wolfblood and other lunacy…

September 21 main 2


Much as I enjoyed Doctor Who last night (the Teller was great, and I liked the Hustle vibe) there were no obvious images that leapt out and made me want to change course from my original plan to do a Wolfblood photo today. Having now finally finished the photo, I wish something in Doctor Who had leapt out – this was a stupidly tricky montage to Photoshop, and I’m still not convinced it doesn’t look naff.

But anyway. the greatest show currently on CBBC is back, and in fine form, and thanks to iPlayer I’m up to speed with the first two episodes. It’s a shame Maddy and her new age parents have been written out (I assume/hope temporarily) and that Jana is now longer the “fish out of water” character (I enjoyed her obsession with flushing toilets last season) but it remains great stuff, and deserving of wider audience (I’m doing my bit here – go watch it on iPlayer now!).

The wolf CGI is impressive for TV, but should Rhydian be worried that in wold blood form, he appears to have been given the chop by a vet?

I’m also glad to see that with Maddy’s parents absent, Rhydian’s foster mum has stepped in as the voice of grown-up wisdom; one of the things I’ve always like about this show is that it doesn’t strive to make everyone over 30 look like an idiot or evil, to try to make the kids look cooler. Although trendy teacher guy is still a bit of a dick, though amusingly so.

It’s a great, unpretentious, witty, heartfelt little show, with some great cinematography of the Northumberland forests, appealing characters, a nice line in wit and a wonderful mix of accents.

The following photos are a bit old (they were taken on-set during the filming of the last few episodes of series two) but they never saw the light of day in SFX so I thought I may as well use them here.

Wolf Blood tent

The show is shot is a place that did once serve as a school, and old classrooms are used as makeshift studios – hence a tent pitched indoors.

Wolf Blood photo room

A close-up of the photo wall in the developing room where the main characters hang out.

Wolf Blood monitor liam

A trapped Liam on a monitor screen.

Wolf Blood liam maddy

Aimee Kelly (Maddy) and Niek Versteeg (Liam) outside the mineshaft set. I was there are Niek had polystyrene rocks dropped on him for literally hours.

Wolf Blood FX

Aimee and the German FX guy who creates the wolves.

Wolf Blood FX wolf

A cardboard cut-out wolf that the crew use on set.

Wolf Blood tunnels 2

The mine tunnels from the outside…

Wolf Blood tunnel

…And the inside.

And here’s a video that I shot and edited that did make it onto the SFX website,  but it shows what jolly nice people Bobby and Aimee are so I thought I may as well give it another airing.

See you tomorrow.

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