Day 269: Scrambled Legs?

How would you like your egg? Facehugger side up?

September 26

Here’s a bit of trivia for you. Did you know that director Ridley Scott actually makes an appearance in the original Alien? Well, sort of. When Kane (John Hurt) shines a light onto an alien egg, and you can see vague movement inside, that’s not a facehugger foetus; that’s Ridley Scott fluttering his hands around.

These days they probably would have spent multi-millions on CG effect. Which, by complete coincidence, is exactly what I didn’t do when Photoshopping these tatty old DCs I got from a car boot into today’s image. Strange, that.

While I’m on the subject of the Alien franchise, I thought I better tell you that I chased a badger along the cycle path for about 200 metres the other night.

Bear with me. The connection will become clear.

As I chased the poor fella (or lass – it’s difficult to sex a moving badger by cycle light) four things crossed my mind:

1) I never knew badgers could run so fast.

2) What’s the capital of Nicaragua?

3) Why doesn’t it just run off to one side if it’s scared of me?

4) Why has the site of  badger’s arse made wondered what the capital of Nicaragua is? (It’s Managua, by the way.)

Number three is the relevant point here. The thing was clearly trying to escape me, but it just kept running right ahead of me. And that’s when I remembered this:

Prometheus run to the side

Yep, that scene in Prometheus that inspired about a million internet posts going, “RUN TO THE SIDE!” I believe it even became a mini meme of sorts.

But maybe in that badger I saw the truth. It’s instinctual NOT to run to the side. It’s part of our ancestral biological make-up. When the fight or flight instinct chooses flight, flight actually means “run in a straight line for as long as possible!” It’s only when we humans make a real effort to use intellect over instinct that we can overcome the straight line problem. And as discussed in an earlier blog, every crewmember on the Prometheus appeared to have employed based on their stupidity, so poor old Vickers (Charlize Theron) gets squished and Liz (Noomi Rapace) only altered course before falling over, banging some sense into her head and rolling sideways.

Thank you, badger, for solving one of the annoying aspects of Prometheus. Shame about all the others.

But I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch Noomi Rapace in a film again without thinking of badgers.

We don’t need no stinking badgers.

See you tomorrow.

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