Day 270: Vanzilla

One of my favourite comics splash pages is defaced… or maybe defooted.

September 27 main

Without any doubt whatsoever, my favourite run of comics ever was the Chris Claremont/John Byrne era on Uncanny X-Men, which had so many great splash pages that burned themselves into my memory. So it does seem slightly sacrilegious to deface this fantastic double-pager from Uncanny X-Men #118, but hey, it’s all in the name of charity.

It also took me absolutely ages to cut-out that skyline, and I want to do something else today other than blog, so I’m keeping this one short.

Watched two more episodes of Wolf Blood last night, and the fourth episode was absolutely fantastic. I also then almost accidentally watched Strictly Come Dancing. That show has a strange attraction. I never intend to watch it, but somehow always get sucked in. This time I was amaze at how much Scott Mills dancing mirrored my own (crap, lots of pointing) but also felt embarrassed for poor old Tim Wonnacott. Yeah, sure, there’s always some portly old guy on the show who are contractually obliged to make prats of themselves, but Wonnacott was so poor that when all the judges (bar the one who looks like an Easter Island statue with piles) trotted out the usual, “It was rubbish but it was entertaining!” lines, you knew they had their fingers crossed behind their backs.

To mark the occasion, here’s my favourite thing I ever did for the SFX website. I expect 95% of this blog’s regular readers will have seen it already (I wheel it out whenever Strictly comes back) but hell, maybe it’ll be new to one or two of you!

1185579_737146872981435_591259831_nOh, and thanks for my sister sending me this image, via George Takei, who seems to be becoming Twitter’s answer to Harry Hill. And thanks to my parents for another donation. Soon I’m going to start naming and shaming close friend who still haven’t contributed.

See you tomorrow.

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