Day 272: Low Top Life 2: Welcome To City 17

Braving the mists of South Gloucestershire to bring you a taste of dystopia

september 29 main

Ah Half-Life 2. I wish I could wax lyrical about it, but it’s yet another classic game I’ve never played. I feel a bit of a fraud concocting Sole Of Sci-Fi images out of franchises about which I know very little (I know the Big Brother guy is Dr Breen, but that’s from research I did for my dystopia book) but if I don’t use games for inspiration every so often, you’d only get even more Doctor Who or Star Wars. And if you I only used games I’ve actually played, you have to put up with Spyro, Zelda, Tetris and Xbox Monopoly.

Blimey, it was foggy this morning – not so much dystopian as mistopian. I cycled down the hill to the abandoned factory opposite my old house in Bitton for this shot. I wanted something a bit industrial looking for a City 17 vibe, but I’d forgotten that even the abandoned factories round here look like quaint old farmhouses.

Just for the record, I have worn monotone black high tops before in this challenge, but these are a pair of low tops. I think I actually prefer them to the high tops. It’s weird which colours I prefer in high and low. For me, trad black with white rubber has to be high tops; red with white rubber has to low tops.

I have a quandary coming on Wednesday as regards this challenge, but I’ll let you know about that then…

See you tomorrow.

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