Day 274: A Sci-Fi Set In Waiting

The Sole Of Sci-Fi charity challenge calls on all film and TV location scouts…

October 1 main

How sci-fi is this tunnel? It almost looks like I’m standing in the launch tubes of the stranded wreck of Battlestar. Or an abandoned Blake’s Seven set. There’s definitely a ’70 telefantasy vibe about it.

I found it a few weeks ago while out for a cycle; it runs underneath the Bristol ring road, and has a shorter, stumpier little brother just a little further along the cycle path.

With these tunnels, the period railway station, the weirdly quaint abandoned factory and spookily long tunnels on the Two Tunnels bike path all within cycling distance of where I live, and Cardiff not that far away at all, I can’t believe I haven’t run into a Doctor Who film crew yet! The show has filmed in Bristol in the past.


Looks familiar…

And the production team is clearly running out of locations in Cardiff if the number of times we keep seeing Cardiff’s Temple Of Peace (barely) redressed in the show is anything to go by. So come on, location scouts – discover the wonders of Bath and Bristol. We’re fed up with the only ever having Jane Austen adaptations filmed here.

(Actually, we did have Bonekickers filmed here a few years back, but nobody watched that, so I’ll quietly let that pass.)

See you tomorrow.

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