Day 276: Go To Samba Alert

After getting cobbered earlier in the year, Sole Of Sci-Fi tries to keep out of another Thor/Hulk smack down…

October 3 main

I had a request for  pair of Adidas Sambas to make an appearance in Sole Of Sci-Fi way, way back in the year (though I can’t remember from who), but I’ve only just got around it thanks to spotting a really cheap, knackered pair in a charity shop, quite by accident (I was actually looking for books). And since they were a request, and since I had to blur them in an attempt to make today’s Avengers image look slightly verisimilitudinous (blimey, there’s a posh word) here they are in all their glory as well.

trainers close-upGot to admit, I’ve never really got on with this style of Sambas, mainly because I never know what to do with the oversized tongues. Not at all keen with the way they poke out under the bottom of jeans – hence the extreme roll-ups today – and if you keep them inside your jeans they scrape your shins as you walks. Or maybe I just have mutant calves, because Samba are a style that’s certainly endured.

Watched the first two episodes of the new series of Person Of Interest last night. God I love that show. You’d think that the new “format” (I don’t want to spoil what happened at the end of season three for those of you not up to speed) would need a bit of bedding in, with a few meat and potatoes episodes to establish things, but no, already it’s up to the season three trick of making every episode feel like a season cliffhanger. I truly can’t understand why this show isn’t as huge in the UK as it is in the States. British viewers should be weaned off Downtown Abbey with A Clockwork Orange-style enforced exposure to Person Of Interest (I wouldn’t normally advocate mind control, but surely watching Downton Abbey excludes you from protection by human rights?).

I was also amused to see the greatest actress currently on TV (that’s Amy Acker, in case you didn’t realise) briefly dressed in as an air stewardess, because she also appeared briefly as an air stewardess in Catch Me If You Can.

See you tomorrow.

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