Day 277: Why So Serious?

Let’s put a smile on those trainers… Oh, someone’s beaten the Joker to it.

October 4 main

Happy Cons or sad Cons? These new Converse Con X Polar Skate high tops seem to have a multiple personality disorder, which is probably why the Joker can see the potential in them.

They’ve been designed for Converse by a Swedish company called Polar Skate Co, and you don’t know how close you came to a Polar Express-themed image today, but thankfully I realised that was a crap idea. They also come with a life affirming message on the heel: “Inspire others to inspire themselves.” Right on, daddio. And there are more smiley/frowny faces on the inside, as well as a removeable, patterned inner sole, which must be a first for Converse All-Stars.

Ocober 4 Converse Polar smiley tongues

They’re well padded and unlike most other Cons I’ve worn when cycling, they keep your feet very toasty! Usually, when it’s a bit chilly (and it was very wet, chilly and autumnal this morning when I went out to take the main photo), Cons seem make your feet feel even more like blocks of ice, as if they’re sucking all the cold out of the atmosphere and concentrating it on your toes (maybe they were the basis of Mr Freeze’s research). These, though, made a pleasant change. Shame they’ll have to be put in the cupboard until 2015.

Interesting moment on Pointless yesterday, when the survey question was, “Name a Natalie Portman film.” V For Vendetta scored higher than any of the Star Wars prequels. What does that say about George’s prequel trilogy’s impact on the zeitgeist? Revenge Of The Sith was only named by three out of a hundred people!

Really looking forward to Doctor Who tonight, which apparently has a Hinchcliffe era vibe for the first half before something really major happens that will shock us all. Poor old writer Peter Harness seems to be preparing himself for a backlash, saying in an interview, “I still don’t know how people will take it. I’m in this kind of limbo now waiting for people to see it, and I’ve no idea, really I do not know how it is going to go down.” Well, he can’t face a worse reaction than John Fey did when he was handed to poisoned chalice of having to kill off Ianto in Torchwood.

kill the moon spiderThe spider monsters in the trailers look brilliant too. The only real problem I’m having is trying to wipe that awful zero gravity, bouncing-on-the-moon scene from “Nightmare In Silver” from my mind. Hopefully the moonwalking scenes in “Kill The Moon” won’t look as naff. They won’t feature two irritating kids, which is a good start.

See you tomorrow.

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