Day 283: Moonwalking

GERTY is proud of his Ian Brown superstars…

October 10

That was an odd strapline to write. I’m of the generation for whom “Gertie” will always be a pre-school Drew Barrymore dragging a dragged-up extraterrestrial around town in ET.

But for some reason, the  servo-robot in Duncan Jones’ brilliant brilliant Moon (2009) is called GERTY, despite having the disturbingly manly voice of Kevin Spacey. A gender-bending robot. Cool.

It’s never clear why GERTY’s called GERTY. Well, year, there’s a bloody great “GERTY 3000 ROBOTIC ASSIST L” decal on the front of the thing, but that still doesn’t really explain if GERTY is an acronym or an assignation. I quite like the fact you don’t know. It means you can make things up like, “Gender Experimenting Robot Type 3000”.

The Ian Brown Superstars are courtesy of a guy called Pete I bumped into at a wedding. I’d like to think Brown was wearing a pair when he guest starred in Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban, but probably not.

See you tomorrow.

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