Day 284: Stop Motion Vs Gola Motion

What do you mean, you’ve never seen Jason And The Ar-Gola-nauts? Or The Gola Voyage Of Sinbad?

October 11 main

You’ve heard of stop motion animation. You may have even heard of go motion (it was the technique used to animate the AT-ATs in The Empire Strikes Back, and for about three years in the mid ’80s was the future of special FX until CGI trumped it). Well, today, The Sole Of Sci-Fi gives you: Gola-Motion in Sizenine-o-vision. The secret of Gola-Motion is that… there is no motion. In fact, to the uninformed Gola-Motion appears no different to a photograph. But to the expert eye… it appears no different to a photograph, with a bit of Photoshopping.

I may not have invented the future of special FX.

Not much to report today. Sent most of yesterday reading the latest Stephen King novel, Revival (and cross checking the name of every seemingly throwaway background character with the Stephen King Wiki, to see if there are any guest cameos), writing a load of emails that no-one responded to (honest, people in the media business are the worst for replying to emails… as anyone who ever emails me will know) and cataloguing the rest of my vinyl record collection.

October 11 records

You know what? I’d completely forgotten I even owned these three. All in pristine condition. I’m seriously considering eBaying them (has eBay become a verb yet); since they’ve spent 10 years in a box, I can hardly be attached to them, can I? Then again, even writing about them reminds me how much I love the Banqueting music from “The Keeper Of Traken”.  I can even do a reasonable version of it on my Native American flute. Never been sure about the atonal fanfares in “The Five Doctors” – it always sounds to me like  Cyberman has just farted.

Off quizzing tonight. Hosting rather than taking part. I’m going to miss Doctor Who, so it’s iPlayer for me. Probably sometime around midnight. I hope it’s not too scary…

See you tomorrow.

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