Day 285: An American Werewolf Seeking The Sole Train(ers)

Every time I step onto a London Underground escalator, I’m worried this is going to happen…

October 12 main

This is another pre-prepped installment of Sole Of Sci-Fi, as the combination quiz, lack of late night buses, parents arriving at 10.30am  today and an episode of Doctor Who to watch on iPlayer  means there won’t be much time for blogging on Sunday morning. But I will be wearing these cheap but smartish Asos chukka boots all Sunday. They look suitable for Sunday lunch with parents, which the shoes I have planned for Monday certainly don’t. They’re possibly the worst trainers I’ve worn all year, but I’ll say no more and leave that as a tease.

anamerican werewolf in london tunnelAmerican Werewolf In London came out in 1981, which was just about the same time I started travelling up to London on my own, usually to visit a wonderfully scuzzy comic shop that had just opened in Denmark Street called Forbidden Planet. I wonder whatever happened to that?

The film turned travelling on the London Underground into a slightly different experience. I wasn’t exactly scared that I’d bump into a werewolf ripping some poor commuter to bits; it was more like I secretly hoped I there were werewolves roaming the tube corridors. I think I was always disappointed that I never sat next to any rotting ghosts in London cinemas too, but then, maybe, I wasn’t frequenting the right kind of cinemas.

I do recall there was a public information film they used to play at cinemas at the time, warning women not to place their purses under their seats because there were thieves about. This got me worried that London cinemas were infested with hordes of midget thieves who ran amok under the cinema seats while the films were playing. After I saw Gremlins in 1984 I was convinced some breed of Mogwai offshoots were responsible for the crime wave. Or, at least, that one day I would write a film script about a diminutive race of cinema-dwelling purse-pinching monsters.

Maybe I still will…

See you tomorrow.

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