Day 286: The Feet Of Doom

And I’m talking about the trainers, not the Mummy On The Orient Express…

October 13 main

Mummy? What mummy?  I see no mummy. Though I’d understand if it wanted to kill me within 60 seconds for crimes against fashion. Today’s camo trainers, bought for me by an old college mate for £2 (and that was £2 too much) from an army surplus stall at a market, are hideous. And hideously uncomfortable. I’ve been saving them for a day when I don’t need to leave the house. And I’ve got a lot of writing to do today, so today’s the day.

Finally got round to watching Saturday’s Doctor Who – “Mummy On The Orient Express” – last night. And watched it again immediately after on iPlayer. I adored it. It was so old fashioned it could have been a classic Who plot (probably Troughton era, or maybe late Tom Baker) but still boasted all that’s best about New Who – great direction, impeccable casting, a little bit of arc plottery. The Clara/Doctor storyline was really well integrated and it was good to see the Doctor a little more centre stage.

Perkins was an interesting  character, nicely underplayed by Frank Skinner. He even got one of the best lines of the episode – “Can we get a new expert?” I thought he was a little like the Doctor’s Jiminy Cricket, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him again. I think there’s more to him than meets the eye.

I was especially grateful for a clever denouement that had some internal logic and was based on the Doctor using his noggin. Admittedly I would have like a bit more a hint about the Mummy’s nature earlier in the episode (the revelation that he was a soldier was a tad sudden), but at least the solution wasn’t just a load of technobabble, a wave of the sonic screwdriver or a giant egg.

Doctor Who FlatlineAnd the trailer for the next episode – “Flatline” – looked amazing too. The twelfth Doctor’s first urban thriller, it looks like. If “Mummy” Jamie Mathieson manages to deliver another script of that quality with “Flatline” expect Gallifrey Base to be full of “Mathieson for next showrunner” blogs. I’ve been impressed by his work since he scripts for Being Human. I wonder if he has any sci-fi or fantasy shows of his own he’s trying to pitch?

See you tomorrow.

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