Day 294: Evil Tread 2

It’s late in the year, you’ll have to excuse the reuse of old gags…

October 21 main

Okay, okay, I’ve done the Evil Tread gag before, and today’s image is from the inferior* remake, so it’s a bit of lame entry for Sole Of Sci-Fi, but come on. It’s a busy week for me, it’s the end of the year, I’m running out of ideas, and my attempts to create an Exorcist-themed image failed miserably. The Superga trainers are blood red, so the image needed to be horror related (though they would have fitted in well with the Tread Wedding, too). Anyway, enough of the excuses. On with the general rambling…

(*So I’m told.)

You know how some unanswerable things bug you more than they have any right to? No? Just me then. Well, I was watching the daytime quiz show Perfection yesterday while eating lunch. I don’t normally, and no that’s not pretending I don’t watch it every day. Usually I eat lunch a lot earlier, while watching Bargain Hunt, which is clearly a far superior programme and not embarrassing to admit watching at all.

Anyway, Perfection features a series of True or False questions, and one woman was given the poser: “James Cameron directed The Terminator.” To which she responded, “No, false, he directed the other robot movie.”

What? What? What?

Apart from being wrong, does her response imply that she thinks there have only ever been two robot movies of note in the history of cinema?

And if The Terminator was one of them, which was the other one she was thinking of? RoboCop? Tobor The Great? Short Circuit? WALL-E? I need to know!

At least she didn’t say, “That’s not really my area of expertise…” or, “That’s before my time…” two phrases that should be banned from all quiz shows, along with men who think that “Sports Round” means “Football Round” and moan, “Rugby/cricket/tennis/golf/bog snorkelling isn’t really my sport”.

There won’t be much time for TV today, though, as I’m prepping for an interview with Highlander director Russell Mulcahy later, and being a freelancer, that one interview is going to lead to three separate commissions in three separate magazines, one of which you probably wouldn’t be expecting my name to turn up in – but more on that later in the year, when it’s published. But yeah, SFX gets its cut of the pie too.

One expression fits all

One expression fits all

I watched the first two episodes of Gotham last night, and I’m glad I didn’t have to review it based on the pilot alone, which was fairly dull and ploddingly predictable. The second episode showed more signs of life and a lot more promise. But the main thing that kept going through my mind through both episodes was that old cliché about actors enjoying playing villains more than heroes. Because the main fun of the show comes entirely from seeing embryonic versions of future Batman villains; the show’s heroes, meanwhile, are a tedious bunch indeed. When Fish tells James Gordon, “I see anger in your eyes,” Jada Pinkett Smith has to muster up all her meagre acting skills to sell the line, because all I could see in Ben McKenzie’s eyes was a massive, expressionless void. He truly is one of the most vacuous leading men ever required to carry a show.

See you tomorrow.

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