Day 296: There Can Be Only One (Trainer)

Imagine this blog being spoken by a French man doing a Scottish accent…

October 23

I can’t believe it took an interview with Russell Mulcahy to make me think of doing a Highlander pic for Sole Of Sci-Fi. Though now I’ve done it, I’m not sure I’ve done the film justice. The concept for today’s image seemed great in theory, but it’s making me feel a bit queasy now. I bet it’s not one of my mum’s favourites.

The second part of the interview took place last night, this time concentrating the “hellish” shoot for Highlander 2, and Teen Wolf. If you thought watching Highlander 2 was bad enough, be thankful you didn’t have to work on it – it sounds like a nightmare! Especially as it was shot in Argentina, a few short years after the Falklands crisis, with a mixed Bristish and Argentinian crew. Mulcahy revealed that one of the big action sequences was even filmed on a road called Belgrano Street. Ouch.

Watched the latest Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D last night, and I can honestly say I’m now watching it because I’m actually wholeheartedly enjoying it, and not just because of some residue faith in Mr Whedon. It’s taken a while, but the show is now all kinds of fun, even if Coulson’s delivery of one-liners falls flat every time (I’m beginning to wonder if his “Dad reading Christmas Crack jokes” style is actually on purpose).

That’s your lot today, because a) the Photoshopping took far too long this morning (and I’m still not convinced it was worth it), and b) I’ve two and a quarter hours of interview to transcribe, not to mention a review to write.

See you tomorrow – when the blog will be very, very late for reasons that will become clear when it’s posted!

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