Day 297: Mad Vans In A Blue Box

Sole Of Sci-Fi visits the newly-revamped Doctor Who Experience…

October 24 b

I’ve been in Cardiff today, visiting the launch of the new Capaldi-ised Doctor Who Experience. I hope the lateness of the blog today is counterbalanced by the photos I’ve got for you today. Though this one below on the Tennant TARDIS set went all a bit timey-wimey (by mistake).

October 24 weird

As with previous years, we weren’t allowed to photograph the walk-through “Experience” itself, but I can reveal that it has been massively overhauled. They haven’t just refilmed and rewritten the Matt Smith video clips with Peter Capaldi; there’s a whole new storyline, some new FX footage, and an extremely impressive new clips montage with a voice0ver from Romana, voiced by Lalla Ward herself!

To show you how different the Experience is, everybody who enters is given one of these Gallifreyan Crystals. Not only do they light up, they also vibrate, so you might find yourself involuntarily reaching for your mobile at some points.

October 24 crystal

So even if you’ve been before, it’s worth another visit. And the kids there today loved it, partly because they’re encouraged to participate even more this time round.

Rather than wibble on, I’ll let the pictures of the exhibition area do the talking, with some help from a few captions.

October 24 TARDIS and K9

There are now loads of different TARDIS interiors and exteriors on the ground floor of the exhibition area.

October 24 from above

Roundels, roundels everywhere!


October 24 dalek

You looking at me?

October 24 wooden cyberman

The wooden Cyberman is a work of art.

October 24 aggedor

I never realised Aggedor made a cameo in “Robot Hood”!

October 24 costumes

The Doctor’s costumes have moved upstairs…

October 24 war doctor

…And they include the War Doctor’s ensemble.

October 24 the caretaker

Oddly, the Skovox Blitzer looks more impressive in the flesh (or should we say the tin?) than it did on screen, even though it’s surprisingly titchy.

October 24 trial spaceship

Okay, the “Trial Of A Time Lord” ship model isn’t new, but I still love it, so here it is…

October 24 teller

The Teller made a guest appearance at the launch…

October 24 operator

…And look at the impressive kit required to animate his head!

October 24 me

Hurrah! They haven’t changed the timeline photo-montage in the reception area, so my cameo lives on!

See you tomorrow!

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