Day 300: Trainers Of The Stone

The Sole Of Sci-Fi visits a very obscure telefantasy filming location…

October 27 main

First, the news you’ve all been waiting for – my dad seems well on the way to recovery. So soon Sole Of Sci-Fi will be back to normal, whatever that is.

Today’s pic was actually taken yesterday, while I was driving back home to Willsbridge. I had been toying with the idea of doing something based around The 300 for today, but I don’t own any sandals. Anyway, I was getting fed up with the slow-moving traffic on the M4, so I decided to turn off the motorway and use the A4 instead. It’s a lovely drive, used by David Bowie in the obscure 1979 road move Radio On, which takes you through Newbury, Hungerford and Marlborough among other picturesque places. It also takes you right past Silbury Hill (the most impressive Barrow I’ve ever seen) and Avebury, home of a very impressive set on three concentric stone circles.

And that’s where inspiration struck, because Avebury was the setting for the 1977 spooky children’s drama, Children Of The Stones, starring Gareth (Blake’s Seven) Thomas. So I made a quick unscheduled stop (and change of footwear), to grab a photo opportunity in the failing light of the first day of reversion to GMT. The goats didn’t help matters. Apart from butting in the photos, I also had to find a stick to clear the pic of goat poo.

October 27 Avebury

I love Avebury. It’s a very unique-feeling and odd place. I often wondered, though, it Neolithic nimbys moaned about all those bloody stones ruining the countryside. I say that as someone who likes wind farms and who doesn’t think they ruin the landscape at all. I like the way they combine technology with nature; to me they stand for humankind striving to do what’s right. And rather than ugly, I think they’re kinda majestic. And, no, I don’t live near one, but I happily would.

Watched Doctor Who again last night (I thought it deserved a watch in HD) and enjoyed it more second time around, though the lack of people in London still irritated me and the “message to the world” at the end felt even more cheesy. I’m not sure it would have convinced the Green Party to stop felling the trees, let alone any world leaders. On the other hand, I liked the children even more; in one episode of Doctor Who they were more appealing than a lot of the kids in Waterloo Road have been for years. Still not a patch on the kids in Wolf Blood, though, where Liam is turning into an unexpected anti-hero – he is the rebel without the claws. Can’t wait for the season finale of that tonight!

See you tomorrow!

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