Day 302: Hanging About In Thunderdome

We don’t need another heel-o… (I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry)

October 29 main

Looks like I’m the one who’s not leaving Thunderdome. I was trying to make this pic look like I was was dangling from one of those harness in Mad Max 3’s action set piece, but it looks instead like I’ve just been sent to the scaffold. Ah well, that still feels like it’s right for the tone of the movie.

Yesterday was another work, work, work day, so there’s not much to wibble on about today. I did watch the pilot for The Flash, which was very entertaining in a goofy kinda way, though I became distracted by his trainers… they were both hideous and yet immensely desirable at the same time.

the flash pilot trainers

I also became very excited with the news the Marvel is prepping an Inhumans film. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know the company also announced a whole bunch of other films at the same time, but I’m way more excited about Inhumans than Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther or Captain Marvel.

Having said that, being the bleeding heart liberal that I am, I have to say, “About bloody time” to a Marvel movie with a female lead. And I heartily approve that it’s the Carol Danvers Captain Marvel, who at least has a modicum of feminist kudos, rather than Black Widow, who is, frankly, mostly just eye-candy.

inhuman medusaBut Inhumans is the one I care about most, and I hope it has a very different tone to the rest of the MCU. Just as there’s room for the more comedic Guardians Of The Galaxy, I think there’s room for a more austere Inhumans. To me, Inhumans has always been one of the most beguilingly mysterious and complex title in the Marvel catalogue, so in my head the film should have a harder edge, more like Game Of Thrones in space – lots of politics and intrigue (though not as much sex).

And  I can’t wait to see Medusa’s hair brought to screen life.

See you tomorrow!

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