Day 308: The Call Of Cthul-shoe

What did Cthulhu say when he was asked how many mates he was going to phone to ask they wanted to form a football team? “Ten to call.” Tentacle? Ten to call? I’ll get me coat…

November 4 layered

Looking at the photo above you can tell it’s supposed to be Lovecraftian and not hentai-esque, because in an anime the giant tentacle wouldn’t be interested in what’s up a guy’s shorts.

Either way, it was far too sunny again yesterday for some effectively moody tentacle horror. I was going to grade the photo down a bit to make it moodie5, but I actually quite liked the almost hyperreal, over-exposed colours. It was nostalgically reminiscent of those overlit, shot-on-video episodes of Doctor Who from the ’80s.

Now here’s a terrible admission from a sci-fi and fantasy journalist – I’ve never read Lovecraft. But somehow, you can’t grow up loving sci-fi, fantasy and horror without learning all about Lovecraft through a form of cultural osmosis. He was the writer who inspired Stephen King to write horror, and traces of Call Of Cthulhu’s and The Old Ones’ DNA can be found in shows and films as diverse as Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Hellboy, Alien, Cabin In The Woods, The Mist, Babylon 5 and even Doctor Who (and I’m thinking of ancient deities like the Gods of Ragnarok in “Greatest Show In The Galaxy” and the Devil in “The Satan Pit” rather than just tentacle monsters like Kroll and the Krynoids).

doctor who kroll tentacle

A limp attempt at a Cthulhu-esqu tentacle monster in Doctor Who’s “The Power Of Kroll”.

One day I’ll round to reading Lovecraft, but it won’t be in the next two weeks. I’m never moaning about lack of work again. Suddenly I’ve got more on my plate than Eamon Holmes at an eat-all-you-can buffet. It’s a classic hole for freelancers to fall into. You’re so scared of the lean times returning (or the lean times have left you with a big hole in your finances) you say yes to everything. God knows when I’m going to find time for Sole Of Sci-Fi. Expect some very basic photos in the coming days, and lots of returning guest stars.

Oh, and in case you hadn’t noticed, TV reviews are back on the SFX website in a big way, and I seem to be writing a lot of them.

See you tomorrow!

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