Day 309: Remember, Remember… To Sponsor Me

Stand well back…

November 5 main a

I knew I had to find some flaming Cons for Fireworks Day (though they’ve seen better days, but what can you expect from charity shops?), and the V mask adds to the theme.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m superbusy at the moment, so instead of a proper blog, here are some sci-fi and fantasy fireworks displays for you…

See you tomorrow!

Donate buttonUsual Begging Sign-Off

• Current total: £1,270 

• Remember this is all for charity, so any pennies or pounds you can spare PLEASE DONATE BY CLICKING HERE.

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• If you have any trainers you could donate (either on loan or old pairs you’re getting rid of) which are size 9 (ish – I can do anything  from 8 to 10) contact me at so I can arrange collection.


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