Day 313: Cyberman With A Sole

Cyber-zombie spotted in Bitton…

November 9 main

After watching the Doctor Who series finale, “Death In Heaven”, last night (or more accurately yesterday morning, but you know I hate to boast*) today’s Sole Of Sci-Fi image was a shoe-in (and, yeah, grammar Nazis, I know it’s a shoo-in, but this is Sole Of Sci-Fi).

So I was down at the local church in Bitton this morning at 7am, hoping for some mist and no people. Instead I got no mist and quite a few people. What were they doing in a graveyard as 7am on a Sunday morning? Presumably they weren’t all recreating scenes from Doctor Who.

(* You’ll know from yesterday’s blog that getting to see Doctor Who ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, and the grotty quality of the BBC’s online preview service meant that I missed the change of eyes in the title sequence totally until I saw the episode in HD when it was broadcast last night.)

If you want to know what I thought of the episode, my review is here. I thought it was great fun, but I always have issues with “love conquers all” endings. It’s not that I dislike huge emotional scenes in the show; quite the opposite. I adore exquisitely sad moments like Rose and Doctor’s final scenes in “Doomsday”; the Remembrance Day ending to “Family Of Blood”; Amy Pond’s sacrifice at the end of “Angels In Manhattan”. What I hate is “love” being treated like it’s some quantifiable energy. That’s why I loathed the end of “Closing Time” too. Conversely, I have no problems with the twist in “Hide”, because in that case love was a motivating factor for the alien that made sense of its actions; love wasn’t the means by which it was trapped or escaped.

Doctor who death in heaven cybermen

I also seem to be the only person in the UK not overly excited by Missy. I think having a female Master is great, but Michelle Gomez is just too camp for me. I know other people say that about John Simm’s Master, but he was more like the Joker from Tim Burton’ Batman, while to me Gomez’s Mistress feels like she’s walked out of Emu’s Pink Windmill. But most people seem to love her, so I’m happy she making a good impact in general. And I do hope she comes back (I’m sure she will) because I think there is a lot more potential in the character if she’s toned down slightly.

Loads more freelance today. One day, I’ll have some time to myself again!

See you tomorrow!

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