Day 314: Sinbad And The Eye Of The Onitsuka Tiger

I really love your tiger feet…

November 10

Okay, the sabretooth tiger doesn’t quite match the background on today’s pic, but this is a Ray Harryhausen stop motion sabretooth we’re dealing with, so “not matching the background” is actually quite realistic. And I say that fondly as Harryhausen fanatic.

Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger is one of only two Harryhausen films I saw at the cinema, the other being Clash Of The Titans, and even at whatever tender age I was, Eye Of The Tiger was a bit of a disappointment. The tiger was barely in it, and my favourite monster in the film – the Minoton (a kind of gold Minotaur) – never got to have a good fight scene: he acted as an unpaid gondolier for most of the movie then fell off a ledge. Swizz.

On the other hand, the film did provide me with a catchphrase I still occasionally use today (not that anybody has a clue what I’m on about):  “Ish not eeeeee-nuufffffff!” (Hint: this can be used on occasions other than reacting to the fact that you’ve suddenly developed a seagull’s foot.)

Back on Procycling magazine today. Let’s hope I don’t get another puncture.

And many thanks to Jonathan Applet for yesterday’s donation!

See you tomorrow!

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