Day 315: Where No Cons Have Gone Before

Star Trek V: the scene you didn’t see

November 11

Oh look, I’ve discovered my anti-gravity Converse so I can join Spock and Kirk for a bit of mountain… erm… well, not exactly climbing. Looking at Kirk’s face, he’s either pissed I’m cheating, or wishing I’d washed my socks.

Not much to report today, as life is pretty much “cycling to ProCycling, working on ProCycling, cycling home, eat, review a TV episode for SFX, try to fit in when to do Sole Of Sci-Fi” at the moment.

I did notice the it’s all kicked off over on Doctor Who forum Gallifrey Base, though, with the revelation that the “Death In Heaven” received a less-than-average AI (Appreciation Index) figure.

It’s amusing seeing all the reasons/excuses they’re giving, but the most bizarre was that the season finale was too depressing and downbeat. Really? What, more than “Dark Water” which was much darker and received a considerably higher AI result? I’d argue that going on that evidence along, “Death In Heaven” needed to be darker… by which I mean no “love conquers all” ending, silly Cyber Brigadiers, and no Mary Poppins moments. But that’s just me*. There’s probably somebody else out there who thought they were the three best bits.

(*The thing is, I did really enjoy the episode, but when I think back on it, these are the three things that I think of first, unfortunately.)

It all makes for very amusing reading, though.

See you tomorrow!

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