Day 316: 28 Days Later… I’ll Still Be Doing Sole Of Sci-Fi

But at least then it’ll only be 21 days to go!

November 12 main

Okay, I’m getting in the “my socks are biohazards” gag before some wag on Twitter does (Nurse Darry, I’m looking at you).

I would never describe myself as a Danny Boyle fan, but I was surprised recently when after somebody asked in the pub once, “Are there any directors who you’ve seen all their films?” that Danny Boyle is probably the only one in my case (I will add, there was an addendum – the director needed to have directed more than five films, otherwise I could count Joss Whedon and various one-time-only horror directors whose films I’ve had to review).

I mean, I am a massive Hitchcock fan, but there are a few early black and white efforts of his I haven’t seen. With Spielberg I’m missing Amistad, Empire Of The Sun and, would you believe, Saving Private Ryan (I know, I know, how can I have seen War Horse and not Saving Private Ryan? It’s a travesty). I haven’t seen a Tarantino film for years and even if I get to see Interstellar in the next couple of weeks, I have yet to see Christopher Nolan’s Insomnia or Following. I have seen every Ray Harryhausen film, but he’s not a director.

But I have seen every Danny Boyle film (though not all his TV movies), and most of them have been marvellous. Hell, I even genuinely like Sunshine, though I had to listen to the commentary to fully appreciate it (and to realise that the random killer plot wasn’t as random as it seems, though it stills feels a little like HAL in a different guise). The Beach is may be his worst-received film, but even that is far more interesting failure than a lot directors’ best efforts. His attempt to go a bit Nolan with Trance doesn’t quite come off, but it’s still a fine film, and A Life Less Ordinary Is… frankly, I haven’t got a clue what or, indeed, why it is. But as a wonderful, bat’s-arse folly, it kinda fun.

And 28 Days Later gave us speedy zombies. I have no problem with that.

I still haven’t forgotten him for letting the Doctor Who moment get dropped from the Olympics opening ceremony though…

See you tomorrow!

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