Day 317: Stan Trek Into Darkness

Who parked that spaceship?

November 13 main

I seem to be doing a lot of Trek pics at the moment. Will it overtake Doctor Who as my most lampooned franchise in Sole Of Sci-Fi? I’ll have to tally things up in 48 days.

Ahhhhh, it feels nice to be able to say, “In 48 days”. The end really is in sight.

As for Star Trek Into Darkness, I actually had no problem with it being the extended disco remix of Wrath Of Khan. I thought it was a very entertaining action, sci-fi films. Then again, I’m not massive Trek fan. I like Trek, but I don’t have a massive love of it, so I really don’t have a problem with retconning, or the new writers tackling sacred cows . I thought seeing all the parallels between Wrath and Darkness – how they dovetailed and how they deviated – was all part of the fun.

But I can understand why fans would find the film less satisfying. The Khan in Darkness doesn’t have the resonance of the Khan in Wrath, because the dynamic between Kahn and Kirk in Darkness doesn’t have the same exquisite level of personal grudge. Sure. That I’ll accept. But anybody who – as some fans were – claim that Into Darkness is the worst Trek film ever really ought to have their write to go online taken away. And their replica phasers. And they ought to be locked in a room with a VHS copy of Star Trek V and a VHS player until they beg for mercy.

And then the copy of Star Trek V can be swapped for Star Trek Nemesis.

And finally, thanks to contacts in the Sole Of Sci-Fi network, I get to wear a pair of Stan Smith lace-ups. Seems only right since I was singing their praises on a fashion site earlier this year. Have I mentioned that?

See you tomorrow!

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