Day 319: Atlantis – Swords, Sandals and… Sneakers?

Atlantis returns… And they’ve finally remembered Jason is form the future (I wish)

November 15 main

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m actually pleased to see Atlantis back on the BBC tonight. Sure, there are Doctor Who fans who will explode in apoplexy at that (Gallifrey Base will go into meltdown if it gets better viewing figures) but I like the fact that the Beeb has a variety of these adventure drama airing across the year. I’m quite fond of Musketeers too.

All these shows have their problems, but they’re generally good-natured fun. You only have to red my Atlantis reviews from last series on the SFX website to see that I’m not blind to the show’s shortcomings. But I’d prefer to watch a flawed Atlantis on a Saturday night than some reality show or – even worse – a light entertainment variety show fronted by Michael Mcintyre.

(Admittedly, I’d love to see a comedy show of the quality of The Two Ronnies or The Morecambe And Wise Show, but with today’s paucity of decent comedy writers and performers in the UK at the moment – and what the main channels think count as quality sitcoms at the moment , that’s unlikely to happen – I’ll continue to get my sitcom fix from BBC Three, BBC Four and any cable channel showing US imports, with the exception of The Irritating Bang Theory.)

Anyway, for all its faults, Atlantis has an entertaining trio in its three leads, some amazing CG and a good few battles. On the other hand, based on my reviews from last year, here are five things that would help improve the show this series:

1) Please, writers, remember that Jason is from the future (or an alternate universe). After about three episodes last year this was completely ignored, and it made nonsense of some of the plots. This doesn’t have to take the form of Jason having foreknowledge of Atlantis’s fate (though that’s be okay) but it would be good to see him using 21st century knowledge to help him out of certain tricky situation. Even using a couple of modern colloquialisms  or references would help.

2) Atlantis itself needs to be more of a character in the show, rather than a just dusty backdrop. It was a fairly humdrum city in series one.

3) More monsters! Fewer bulls!

4) Can the women please be in on the action and humour a bit (a lot) more? Last series they were largely just plotting rather humourlessly behind the scenes.

5) A lot more water. This is supposed to be Atlantis!

lacesOh, and just in case you’re wondering, I’m not cheating on the challenge – today’s Cons aren’t another pair of bog standard black high-tops. They’re a weird pair with a double row of eye-holes. Not sure what that’s all about but they’re a pain to lace up.

See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow!

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