Day 320: The Walker Brothers

Meet Imperial Walker, White Walker and Nike, erm, bleachers, but I do walk in them…

November 16 main

So, Atlantis last night looked the business. Very high production values, with great location work and some impressive fight scenes (it looks like next week we get also a cameo from the flaming flying rocks from Merlin’s battle scenes). Jack Donnelly seems to have had some acting lessons between seasons. Hercules and Pythagoras were as fun as ever. There was even a hint of Atlantis underwater, though sadly the whole gist of the series now seems to be Jason preventing that from happening. If this series ends with Atlantis never sinking, the show be sued under the Trade Descriptions Act.

Sadly, the women were as humourless and two-dimensional as ever. And no mention of the fact that Jason’s from our time. Is that ever going to be a plot point again? After all, he could have mused, “I think I remember this plot from Merlin…” I certainly did.

I do enjoy Atlantis as a piece of Saturday night fluff, I just wish it would try a little harder not to be so shamelessly by-the-numbers. What the show rarely does is surprise you.

Contrast that with Doctor Who for the past two weeks, which kinda induced  state surprise-fatigue in viewers. Maybe this is supposed to be Karmic balance.

Anyway, half-way through my second review book. Fed up with reading the phrases, “a spray of blood” and “the top of his head came off” (the author is not talking about robots). But really looking forward to watching Patema Inverted later. I feel another upside-down image in the offing tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow!

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