Day 324: Gratuitous Asics And Viloence

Time to tune into Videodrome…

November 20 main

Who says there’s never anything decent on TV? There’s a fantastic pair of Asics on this TV. As for what’s actually on-screen? Well, Videodrome isn’t saved on my Favourite Channels list. All you ever get is repeats. And all that torture porn and pervy sex is so 1983. These days we’ve got I’m A Celebrity which is infinitely more disturbing.

Today’s trainers are another pair from SFX’s Richard Edwards. They’re actually the one’s he bought to replace the ones I wore way back on Day Nine of this charity challenge (in aid of Alzheimer’s Reserch UK, lest we forget). I wasn’t allowed to borrow these ones back then, because they were brand new and genetically coded with Rich’s DNA to be the perfectly balanced running shoes, and the insertion of a non-Rich foot would render them useless and cause his legs to fall off. Or something.

Anyway, they’ve done enough miles now to make them loanable for the sake of the challenge. I can’t moan. Rich has loaned me quite a few trainers over the year.

And I haven’t done one of these in ages, but here’s a behind-the-scenes shot from today’s set-up!

November 20 behind

See you tomorrow!

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• Current total: £1,300 (Thanks to Ellie Graham for getting the total through another barrier!)

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