Day 326: The Stars and the Moon

Another quick botch job today as I’m without broadband again…

November 22

A pattern is developing. It seems that as soon as there’s rain any harder than a slight drizzle, my internet goes down. I’ve been on the helpline, and nothing can be done until Monday, so I’m tethering my laptop to iPhone again. It works, but it makes searching for images slower and  more expensive, so I’ve botched together today’s pic using a screen shot from Moon that’s been hanging around on my hard drive for a while. It’s not so bad, considering…

Yesterday’s “business lunch” was a extended session on the pub with SFX and Rebellion. I think we covered everything from Judge Dredd to the evil of UKIP via Malta, horse riding and how SEO is killing journalism. Not much work was done.

The day before, though (I would have mentioned this yesterday if plans hadn’t gone awry), I was very productive and managed to write an entire 2,000 word short story in two-and-a-half hours. It was about ghosts and cycling, and it went down really well at the writers’ group on Thursday evening. It’s also the second “episode” in a new project I’m developing. I haven’t written episode one yet, and I may even get someone else to write it. Y’see, the project is almost like a “TV series in short story” form with me as showrunner, so other people can write other “episodes” to my guidelines.

Thing is, my episode is typically me – kinda Alan Bennett with ghosts, full of meandering whimsical observations about the minutiae of every day life. I need the first episode to be dark, and I don’t do dark very well. To me, dark is grazed knee or a cutting remark. But episode one needs to be a real punch in the gut. And I know one or two writers who make that their speciality.

I’ll then provide more spooky whimsy later in the collection.

God knows when any of this might see the light of day, but at least I’ve leapt the first hurdle.

See you tomorrow!

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