Day 329: Amazing Technicolor Dream Soles

Some trainers seem to want to keep their best sides hidden…

November 25 main

Today’s Lakai Manchester x Trunk Boyz skate trainers have some crazy soles. The T-800’s eyes have gone all crazy looking at them. I think they may actually be a cosmic gateway to somewhere or other. Droitwich, maybe?

I’m still without phone or internet, which is a bit of a problem when you’re a freelancer working from home. Not that TalkTalk seem to care. I originally reported the fault on Saturday morning when the guy on the helpline checked the problem, said, yes, it was a fault on the line and somebody would fix it on Monday.

By 4.30 last night, still no phone or internet, so I ring them back. “Oh yes, our notes say we ran another check which showed the fault was probably with your equipment. So we cancelled the call-out.”

What? WHAT? Hang on! So they just changed their minds and didn’t bother letting me know?! How is that good customer service?

I was convinced that the fault was not with my equipment. And not just because I’m a man and we never believe it’s our equipment at fault. Nope, I’ve been through all this before, and the fault was exactly the same as last time, when it was a problem with the line.

So they tested the line again, and hey presto, yeah – fault on the line. Quelle surprise.

“So,” I ask, “any chance you can guarantee it’ll be fixed tomorrow? After all, I did report this fault two days ago and TalkTalk just unilaterally decided – by your own admission – to ignore it.”

“No, we can’t do that. We’ll try to make sure it’s within 48 hours.”

“But you’re at fault.”

“Yes. We’ll try to make sure it’s within 48 hours.”

“So you admit you’re at fault but you won’t do anything about it.”

“That’s not how the system works.”

Arrggghhhh! Right, that’s it. As soon as I get the internet back I’m emailing a very long complaint to Ofcom. This is some new level of customer lack of care that beggars belief. “Yes, sorry, we’re at fault but we can’t be arsed to actually help you out.”

So if you’re thinking of swapping to TalkTalk, don’t bother. I only ended up with them when they bought out the company I was with (and I never had any problems with them). I wish I’d swapped services ages ago now. Any recommendations?

See you tomorrow!

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