Day 332: The Thing About Trainers

Skate off!

November 28 main

My internet is back on. Hurrah! After five days without I was beginning to go stir crazy and even spent an hour and a half night playing Greensleeves very badly on my keyboard (known as Electo-Mable for reasons so arcane even I’ve forgotten quite why). I am no accomplished pianist, and my attempts to use both hands result in tempo going out of the window, but I get a thrill from managing to go two bars without a wrong note. I bet the neighbours hate me. They’ll have to get used to it. It’s carols from now until Christmas.

Otherwise yesterday was 80% transcribing, plus a little bit of reviewing for SFX– a new show that may be the next Flash Gordon. Not the film, the Syfy show I had so much fun slating mercilessly over a sustained period for SFX a few years back. I think I once called it, “A show best viewed in fast forward, while you’re off having a crap.” I won’t reveal what the new show is yet, but I think it starts in the UK on 8 December…

I also caught up with The Vampire Diaries (which I’ll also reviewing for SFX). Same old same old, really, though I was amused at one point when the usual all-to-wall whiny pop music that usually burdens the show gave way to something that soundly oddly like that 8-bit computer game version the Game Of Thrones theme tune that did the rounds on the ’net a couple of years back. Most peculiar

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of work to do today, so it’s another brief blog. Apologies!

See you tomorrow!

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