Day 333: Star Wars Episode VII Trainer Premiers

Trainer? Trailer? See what I did there?

November 29 main

Believe it not, I almost forgot the Star Wars Episode VII trailer premiered yesterday. This was not, however, because I was in a scrum of shoppers, trampling women and children and knobbling other people’s shopping trolleys in a desperate attempt to get few quid off a games console that’ll be out of date in three months time.

Arcadia The Flame 10No, I spent Black Friday in the 1980s, writing a feature about influential pop videos and discovering that Tom Fletcher from McFly has based his whole look on Simon Le Bon as he appeared in the video for Arcadia’s “The Flame”. If you thought Simon Le Bon in pop videos was all about posing on yachts in overlarge shirts, it’s well worth rediscovering this forgotten video – he proves to be a fairly decent comedy geek actor in a promo that’s part Rocky Horror and part Agatha Christie (click on the image to have a watch).

I was reminded it was Star Wars Friday by Radio 4’s Front Row, where they reviewed the trailer and became very excited about it. They did confuse me by saying it kicked off with a black stormtrooper, which made me think, “Isn’t that Darth Vader?”

When I finally watched the video I realised they meant a black actor playing a stormtrooper. Which made think a) do we really still live in an age where this kind of thing is worth even commenting on; b) “Hey, black skin against white stormtrooper armour looks really cool… Um, am I being un-PC?”; c) he’s clearly no clone of Jango Fett… maybe he’s a main character in disguise for some reason?; and d) in which case, is he famous? God, I really haven’t been following the casting news for this film have I? (The actor, John Boyega, is listed on IMDB in the cast but there’s no character name, so I’m still none the wiser as to how important a character he is).

But I kinda like the fact that I’ve been missing out of the hype hoopla, as it meant I watched the trailer without an undue weight of expectation. And I was impressed. I did feel the hairs on the back of my neck prickle. I did feel like a kid again. And yes like 90% of the internet, I loved the lightsaber with the laser hilt, while the shot of the Millennium Falcon swooping around could possibly be my favourite spaceship visual effect since the Millennium Falcon did a loop-the-loop in The Empire Strikes Back.

So yeah, I’m excited.

See you tomorrow!

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