Day 338: Trainer Vision

Green and yellow always immediately says, “The Vision!” to me…

December 4

Blimey, this is turning into a tough week. Apologies for such a late blog again, but because of a car accident last night… I had no new trainers to wear this morning!

I wasn’t involved in a car crash, don’t worry. But a friend, Will, was supposed to pop over from Chippenham last night with a few pairs, but there was a car crash blocking the road to my place, and he was already in danger of being late for a date with his girlfriend… so Sole Of Sci-Fi was the least of his worries, and he doubled back to the motorway.

Luckily, I’m working at Immediate Media’s cycling division at the moment, and with some help from my mate Simon, who’s been working for various cycling mags Future and now Immediate for yonks, we managed to charm the lovely people there to give me access to their reviews product cupboard. That’s me fixed for a few more days.

And first up, another pair of Pearl Izumi, my new favourite brand this year. And in green and yellow – the colours of my favourite Avenger too. I know Izumis can be a bit garish for some, but I they’re bloody comfortable and I think the colours are s bold statement of intent. That’s my excuse anyway.

Besides, you wait until you see tomorrow’s trainers. They are hideous. They do have loads of perfectly decent trainers in the cupboard, but I thought I owed it to the challenge to wear a pair that’ll be more of a talking point. Just you wait.

But another week like this might just kill me off. What with my day-job at Procycling, my reviews for SFX and trying to keep The Sole Of Sci-Fi going  all at the same time is not exactly leaving me time for socialising. Or sleeping for that matter.

So, having done my blogging duty, there’s an Agents Of SHIELD episode waiting to be reviewed. Now there’s a shoe that could be improved with some Vision action.

See you tomorrow!

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