Day 339: Maximum Sole

These shoes are sole plus…

December 5


Brothel creeper trainers! Who’d’ve thought it?

You know what? I called these trainers ugly in a tweet earlier today. And I still feel slightly embarrassed wearing them. And not just because they appear to have the Klingon alphabet carved into the moulded grey bit above the enormous soles (or the “maximally cushioned midsole” as the blurb says – I never knew there such a word as maximally).

But in the photo, with a low angle, they look almost impressive. The kind of trainers rockabillies might wear if they did a marathon (odd concept… but you never know).

Oddly, despite looking like neon house bricks, they’re also rather comfortable. You can run in them. Very fast. Away from people pointing at you going, “What is that dick wearing on his feet?”

220_305And here’s the magazine that’s been kind enough to lend me a lot of the trainers I’ll be wearing for the rest of the year. Why not buy someone a subscription for Christmas? Especially if you know any Rockabilly marathon runner. (This blog has not been sponsored by 220 Triathalon Magazine, but they’ve been so nice I thought I’d give them the plug.)

Anyway, why is today’s blog so late? I bet you’re fed up hearing the excuses, but here we go.

I didn’t have time to blog this morning, because it as deadline day on Procycling, and I needed to get in really early (Hell, eagreness works… they’ve booked me in for three more stints next year). No worries, I thought, I can get back tonight and do the blog.

But then I was asked to do a pub quiz by the guy who got me the gig on Procycling. I thought I owed him the favour, so I ageed. No worries, I thought. I’m in Bristol. Pub quiz is in Bath. But my house is halfway in between. I can get the bus back home (yeah, I know I usually cycle but I had a bag full of trainers today), do the blog then travel on into Bath.

The bus driver had other ideas. We sailed past a roundabout with a big sign saying, “Hanham High Street Closed”. Okay, I thought, the driver must know what he’s doing. Um, no. We went round a bend, there was a fun fair in the middle of the road, the bus stops, and we all hear the driver go, “Oh shit…”

So by the time we eventually reached the bus stop nearest to my house it was so late I thought I might as well just carry on to Bath.

Then the quiz wasn’t actually on. But we won some money on a pub quiz machine instead.

And now I’m going to bed.

Night night.

See you tomorrow!

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