Day 341: Searching For Atlantis

Second sunrise in a row…

December 7 main

First off… Please – carry on spreading the message about Sole Of Sci-Fi in these final weeks! Social network the hell out of it.

Second: Atlantis. The theme of today’s image. Which looks very odd with all that now falling on it, but I have’t worked out how to switch it off!

Well, so much for my plea at the start of the season for more monsters and more water. Especially the latter. The show now seems obsesses with people riding around in the desert. Well, when they’re not having sword fights in poor day-for-night filming or carrying some half-dead person through caves. It’s the driest-looking show on TV which is almost perverse for a show about a city that’s legendary for sinking beneath the ocean.

There’s a lot to like about Atlantis, especially when it’s daylight and you can actually see what’s happening Surely I’m not the only one fed up with nocturnal battles where you can’t tell who’s who? And, blimey, a female character was actually pro-active last night: Ariadne proves handy with a bow. Then again, female archers are becoming a bit of a modern cliché (Katniss Everdeen, Allison in Teen Wolf); poor old Oliver Queen is in danger of looking a bit of an anachronism, picked on by other superheroes for having a girl’s weapon. Let’s see Ariadne with a sword, eh?

But I am getting a little fed up with episodes where a group of heroes stagger around the countryside with a wounded companion and hide in some caves. The show is derivative enough as it is, without plagiarising its own plots.

See you tomorrow!

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