Day 342: Red Star Rabbit

It’s amazing how many variations of black Cons you can get…

December 8 main

Once again, even though it’s now and truly well into winter, the bare legs come out. I do apologise, but we’re getting some decent winter weather, and while that continues – and I’m not doing in-office freelance –  I might as well take advantage of it and cycle somewhere to find a decent backdrop for the Sole Of Sci-Fi photos other than my back garden again. And I hate cycling in jeans (and I own no Lycra leggings or longjohns I hasten to add) so you have suffer the naked calves of doom.

Having said all that, the weather took a turn for the grey by the time I reached this old railway bridge, so I ditched the sci-fi theme I did have and swapped it for the more sympathetically-coloured Frank from Donnie Darko. In the process I’ve accidentally created one of my favourite shots of the year.

Yes, another pair of black Converse high-tops, but these one have a red trim and red lining. They were originally in aid of another charity – a percentage of what you paid for them went to AIDS charities, but now they can help with Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Which reminds me – have you donated yet?

I have been working as well today. Three reviews for SFX. All my shows – SHIELD, Gotham and The Flash – have had some great episodes recently. SHIELD, especially, has finally kicked into gear big time. Tonight’s Gotham is a bit weak, but next week’s is simply stunning.

Haven dave vinceHowever, a show I don’t review, and is a bit crap really (but I love the characters), had my favourite line of the year in its mid season finale. That show is Haven, and the scene has Duke trying to get information out of Dave and Vince, when he says, “And you are going to tell me right now, or I’m going to beat you to death… [he looks at Vince] with him [he nods towards Dave].” Classic!

I’m glad I don’t have to review Haven these days, because I would have to mean about it (especially some of the embarrassingly bad CGI effects and it’s cheesier fantasy moments) but at the same time I really enjoy it. It’s the best example of dumb fun I can think of on TV at the moment.

See you tomorrow!

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