Day 343: Brooks Familiar

Today’s trainers are certainly scarlet but are they indestructible?

December 9 main b


I woke up this morning to watch (and photograph) a spectacular sun rise. As I tweeted, the shepherds had gone to red alert. And yep, true to the old wive’s tale, the weather has since taken a turn for the grey and wet.

Still, the violent red skies were clearly Darren Browning me when it came to my choice of trainers todays. So I pulled on these scarlet Brooks (another pair from the 220 Triathlon collection… there are still a few to go), stuck the lead on my pet Dren and went for a walk before the downpour arrived.

Sunrise over Willsbridge

Sunrise over Willsbridge

After going on about how much I’m enjoying all the SFX shows I’m following at the moment, I became worried yesterday afternoon that maybe I’m losing my critical faculties. Then I read that both Extant and Under The Dome have been renewed for new seasons next year (old news I know, but since going freelance I haven’t been quite so diligent in keeping up with the latest sci-fi news) and I felt a rant coming on. Extant was a case of trying to make tired old sci-fi ideas look fresh and new by having lots of pretty tech in the near-future setting. It didn’t work. The stench of rotting plots well past their sell-by date still oozed from the screen. Worse still, it starred Halle Berry, most bafflingly undeserving winner of a Best Actress Oscar ever, who gave the distinct impression throughout that she hadn’t got a clue what most of her dialogue meant.



Under The Dome, meanwhile, is almost offensively dumb.  I can’t say it any better than my recent capsule review of season two for SFX: “So the townsfolk of Chester’s Mill are still stuck under an invisible dome, acting exactly the opposite to how you’d expect folk stuck under an invisible Dome would do. This season it’s ‘freak event of the week’, more questions and no answers about the Dome’s original/purpose, an escape which proves totally unexciting, the revelation that only about five people in the outside world care about the Dome, lots of dull squabbling and would-be town patriarch ‘Big Jim’ pretending to be nice, but going nasty whenever the plot flags. Waste of a good idea.”

Tonight The Flash (UK pace) is great, though, and nest week’s is even better – an Arrow crossover that works on pretty much every level (even if Stephen Amell looks slightly uncertain how to pitch dour old Oliver Queen in the more whimsical sister series).

Krypton-TV-Show-SupermanOh, and I have to agree with Wolf Blood creator Debbie Moon’s quote about Syfy’s new show Krypton: “Okay, I’m not a Superman fan, what do I know – but does anyone really want to know what Superman’s grandfather did on Krypton? *Anyone*?”

She followed it up with: “Inspired by Krypton, pitching nothing but prequels.Dracula’s Great-Grandmother. Alfred,1st Earl Of Locksley. Grandparents Of The New Forest.”

See you tomorrow!

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