Day 345: Mad Max – Puma Road

New trailer… new Sole Of Sci-Fi photo opportunities. Shame I had no Air Maxes handy…

December 11 main


There you are, having a nice walk in the desert, when some actor pops out of the sand and knocks you off your feet.

So, the new trailer for Mad Max Fury Road hit the internet yesterday, and it looks spectacular. It’s also impossible to judge whether it’s actually got a plot or not, or if it’s just an excuse for carmaggeddon. But since Mad Max III had a plot and was still rubbish, I have no problem with an excuse for carmageddon. The first to movies were more like forces of nature caught on camera anyway; archetypal myths with a motorised makeover rather than traditional narrative movies. Having said that, the “twist” about the decoy in Mad Max II remains one of my favourite movie twists ever, and for me defines that film as much as all the crashes and explosions, so I’m kinds hoping there’s at least once similar, unexpected clever moment of plotting in the new film.

Ninety-nine per cent of internet commenters seem to have decided the film’s crap already, but that’s just par for the course these days. When Sole Of Sci-Fi finishes, I’m toying with changing the blog to a weekly one where I just list everything I’ve really loved about sci-fi and fantasy in the past seven days, just to bring a bit of balance back to the internet.

Mad max fury road trailer shot 1

Talking of being negative, I noticed this chimp’s comment on the new Games Radar site – you know the one I mean. It’s like back in the ’70s when you used to read Monster Fun every week, then suddenly it became part of “Buster With Monster Fun”. Yes, we now have Games Radar with SFX and Total Film, and some blinkered Games Radar fans are taking it badly. “I thought it was bad when you started doing reviews of every episode of every nerd centric TV show (seriously who reads a review of one episode?), but this is another level,” ranted said chimp.

Ignoring the irony of a gamer using the phrase “nerd” in a derogatory sense, he also seems to be incapable of using a search engine. Because if he searched for the word “Review” along with the name of any “nerd-centric” show and the name of any that show’s episodes, he’d find dozens, if not hundreds of posts, some of them with tens of thousands of hits.

Mad max fury road trailer shot 2

Honestly, I hate the parochial nature of so many people on the internet. I have no problem with people not liking what I like. I have no problem with this guy being upset his favourite site is being watered down. But when he makes a comment like that and proves that he doesn’t care about simple things like “facts” and “evidence” and instead bases his opinion on the idea that if he thinks it’s true, it must be true, then basically he invalidates his right to have an opinion on anything.

And that’s why I’d love to bring a little bit more positivity to the internet.

On the other hand, after 365 blogs in 365, I may just take a rest.

See you tomorrow!

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