Day 346: Darth Trainers

I’ve turned turned to the Dark Side…

December 12 main

Another last minute change of plans today. I spent ages this morning prepping a photo and writing a blog, then just as I was about to post it… I realised it might be big spoiler for any Sole Of Sci-Fi followers watching Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD at UK pace.

So, I’ve quickly rewritten it so I can post that blog tomorrow instead (you can have some fun spotting where “tonight” has been replaced with “last night”), and performed an emergency reshoot.

These Darth Vader Vans are an early Christmas present from my sister, Paula, and she gave me special dispensation to be allowed to wear them early. Well, it’s all for a good cause. I’m sure Santa and Jesus Christ wouldn’t mind, what with them being made up and everything.

I did have this pair earmarked for a blog next week, but I’m going to a gentlemen’s club for a pub quiz tonight, and while they relax their dress code a bit on such nights, they much prefer “sober” colours to the kind of Dayglo running shoes that form much of the rest of my current pool of trainers (what regular readers will know as “The 220 Triathlon Collection”).

They’re pretty brilliant, though, aren’t they? The Vans Star Wars range really is the gift that keep on giving. Jus think, in a year’s time something like these could be on sale…

Star Wars Episode VII Vans

I bet you want to get your preorders in now, don’t you?

See you tomorrow!

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