Day 347: Kree Runners

Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD discover the truth behind Tahiti…

December 12 main

I thought that was another good episode of Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD last night. I’ve been a little rough on the series in my reviews over on the SFX site previously, but it’s only because I don’t think the show is fulfilling it potential much of the time; but these last few episodes of 2014 are certainly moving in the right direction in terms of not falling back on TV action clichés. I still think it could do with finding a way of making its infodumps more exciting, though… far too many scenes of people sitting around nattering. Sometimes major revelations are thrown away because the characters deliver them like they’re reading the minutes from the last SHIELD finance meeting.

All of which reminds me, I’ve been meaning to make a list of my advice for sci-fi and fantasy in 2o15. So let’s kick off with…

Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD writers should study the Aaron Sorkin book of how to make dialogue more scenes more exciting
Doctor Who should have more resolutions based on the Doctor coming up with a clever plan, rather then mere coincidence
Haven’s production team should stop relying on a Commodore 64 to provide the show’s GGI effects
Under The Dome and Extant should be put out of our misery
• Marvel should announce a Howard The Duck film, and do it right time, possibly with Darren Aronofsky as director
• JJ Abrams should stay off the internet in December
• The BBC should make a genre show that isn’t either a) a Saturday night family adventure or b) excruciatingly dull (actually, I have high hopes for this one)
• DC should try to avoid a reboot of its entire comics universe (I have little hope of this one)
The Leftovers should never have a big explanation of what’s going on (I’m actually really enjoying it, but the showrunner’s Damon Lindelof so any resolution is bound to be crap)
• More people should start watching Defiance. But to help this scenario, Defiance should stop polluting its wonderfully grungy, slightly pervy character-led plots, with preposterous epic fantasy-style arc plots.
• Some publisher should publish my book

See you tomorrow!

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