Day 348: One Pair Of Trainers To Rule Them All

Is this blog Hobbit-forming?

December 14

Nope, I haven’t seen battle of the five armies yet, and I suppose I should have left this blog until then, but to be honest, I’m just posting ideas now as I get them, just focused on the finishing line and wondering what I should wear on the last day!

Off Christmas shopping in a minute, but first, a quick word about last night astonishing dull episode of Atlantis. What didn’t help was how dark it all was; genuinely so gloomy you could barely see what was going on in any action scene.

A typical scene for Atlantis season two

A typical scene from Atlantis series two

The dialogue made matter worse. “What if they can see in the dark,” Pythagoras wondered about the zombies. “Lucky them,” was my instant response. “What can you see?” Hercules asks Jason. “Bugger all!” crossed my mind. “We need to watch her like a bat,” says Hercules. Pythagoras corrects him to, “like a hawk,” but I’m with Hercules. Echo location may have been a better way to work out what was going on.

It wasn’t just me. I asked on Twitter and many people agreed. There have been too many gloomy night-time and cave sequences already this season, but a whole episode of it was like some kind of mental attrition.

Not impressed.

See you tomorrow!

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