Day 349: DayGlo Of The Cyborgs

I’ve got an impressive armed guard for this pair of Saucony trainers

December 15 main


Yes, it’s another subtle pair of trainers from the 220 Triathlon collection. They’ll light up the bus this morning. Okay, I know I normally cycle into Bristol when I’m working on Procycling, but today I have to return the 220 Triathlon collection to the offices and there’s no way I can cycle with seven pairs of trainers in my back pack.

Along with the new trainers, two old favourites make a return to guard them. Hell, it’s Christmas – repeats are a festive tradition!

Oh, and as for those politicians moaning about too many repeats on the BBC this Christmas, well, hey, how about not freezing the licence fee, then, you dolts?

See you tomorrow!

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