Day 350: O’Neal Before Zod

The cycling shoes are back

December 16 main

Admittedly the pic and the headline don’t really go together today, but come on, day 350 – cut me some slack. The pun was too good not to use once I’d thought of it, which was about a second before I wrote it. Before that I was thinking along Stargate lines – O’Neill? O’Neal? Hmm, maybe you had a lucky escape.

The monster, by the way, is from Riddick. Not a film I’d normally give any publicity to, but hey, the monster, “Easy to cut our” written all over it. And it is Day 350, did I mention that?

The shoes I’ve been loaned as a direct result of being brave enough to wear yesterday’s Dayglo pair out in public. Jamie on Procycling took one look at them (he could hardly miss them) and said, “What the hell are you wearing on your feet?” Which was the perfect invitation to explain the charity challenge and pick up a few more loan pairs. (Rob on Cycling Plus also offered me a pair, which I had to turn down as he’d already loaned me them earlier in the year.)

Off on my bike soon to cycle to Bristol. At least I’ve got the right footwear for a change.

See you tomorrow!

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