Day 351: Today’s Tron-ers

You may groan at that headline…

December 17 main

An image-lead blog today, because I think the images speak for themselves: Tron Legacy Adidas trainers loaned to me by Will Guyatt shot from just about every angle to show off their full glory.

December 17 4 December 17 3 December 17 2

It’s my last day on Procycling in Bristol today, so it off into the mists on my bike soon. Honestly, when I saw I would rather freeze my balls off than use First Bus I’m not kidding…

And tonight, I get to see the Doctor Who Christmas special. Before you get jealous, please refer to my earlier blog about having to review things on the BBC preview site. And yes, the site did give away massive spoilers again when I went in to check if the preview was there… (and no, I won’t be able to write about it tomorrow as there’s an embargo, sorry).

See you tomorrow!

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