Day 352: Nyke Genisys

You have to ask, ‘Y’?

December 18 main

Yesterday was my last day of in-office work for 2014, and I’ve only got five reviews to write before Christmas, so it does feel a little like my festive holiday period has begun. So I suppose I’d better buy a few presents. To be fair, I have begun the Christmas shopping but there are still some major ones to go.

Today’s image blends Terminator Genisys with another pair of trainers borrowed from the Immediate cycling division. The well there has run dry now, but I still have a few pairs at the bottom of the stairs waiting to be used. I’ve worked out they’ll take me to December 27… so nearly got the whole year covered.

Anyone who’s been following the blog will not be surprised to hear I was getting very angry with The Apprentice last night. So some self-appointed SEO guru is through to the final. Great, just what the world needs. One day the internet will consist entirely of SEO companies trying to tell other SEO companies how to get better rankings.

Here’s an idea; any company that offering to improve SEO that doesn’t come up on the first page of results when you search for “improve my SEO” should just give up now.

See you tomorrow!

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