Day 356: Snow Shoes

Ice ice baby…

December 22 main


Wow, great day for new donations! The actual sponsor site is still lagging behind by £30 because I still haven’t added the £30 I collected in cash the other night, but for some reason my own sponsorship page won’t let me donate! In any case, look how near the total is to one and a half grand now. You look make me proud!

Today’s trainers are a pair of Adidas Revenergy, which at any other time of the year would probably have inspired a “Revenge Of The Sith” photo and headline, but with Christmas so near, the colourway just made me think of ice and snow. They’re on loan from Simon Withers and he hasn’t even worn them yet! They’re also the smallest size nines I’ve ever worn…

Went to bed in a sulk last night because Mark won The Apprentice. Oh goody, just what the world needs – another self-appointed SEO guru. I think next year I may well try to put my idea for an “Ignore Page One Day” campaign into action (as long as Apple don’t mind it being shortened to IPOD – I’ll make sure there’s o lower case “I”).

Here’s a prediction: in a year’s time, if do a Google search on “Improve my SEO”, I bet Climb Online ain’t on the first page. Or the second.

See you tomorrow!

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• Current total: £1,455 (new donations from Rhian Drinkwater, Sam Blanchard, Tara Hobson and Jonathan Applet – thank you so much and merry Christmas)

• Remember this is all for charity, so any pennies or pounds you can spare PLEASE DONATE BY CLICKING HERE.

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