Day 363: The Hole Truth

The Falcon and the Shoe-Man

December 29 main

Apologies for the blog being a bit late today, but it was one of those “things don’t always go to plan” days. Y’see, I was convinced I had the rest of the year covered in terms of trainers, but the pair I had planned on wearing today – a loan pair – were the same as a pair I’d worn earlier in the year, which I’d completely forgotten I’d worn. And this after I was bragging to my mum over Christmas how I didn’t need to keep a list because I could remember every pair I’d worn. But there was the nagging feeling that the Nike bleachers I’d planned to wear did look familiar, and indeed they were; I’d worn some in the same style and colour on day 81. I think the loveliness of the purpleness was blinding me to the facts.

So, having discovered there was a hole in the schedule (I have a loan pair from Richard Edwards for tomorrow and something special planned for the last day) I need to plug the hole. This I did by going into Bath and buying the cheapest pair I could find – which happened to be just £3.50 in a sale from one of those cheapo sports shop chains (so cheap, they don’t even come in boxes)! I’ll be lucky if I can sell them on at a car boot for a quid, though. They really are shockingly poorly made. They may not even last the day.

I also linked up with my old mate Jayne Nelson, who was back in Bath on a rare trip away from London. Actually, she does leave London quite a bit, but rarely to go to other places in the UK – she prefers trips abroad and recently fell in love with Iceland. We has a good old natter and I bribed her into helping me with a feature I have to write tomorrow with lunch at Giraffe. After that, we formulated a plan to take over the world and searched for some rat bedding. One of these may not be true. She also agreed with me that “Last Christmas” was the best Doctor Who Christmas special since the first one.

Talking of which, now I can watch Blu-rays again, I’ve been rewatching series eight of Doctor Who. I’m currently up to “Kill The Moon”. The episodes I liked first time time round seem even better (especially “Into The Dalek” and “Time Heist” which is really clever and full of great moments) while the ones I didn’t seem even worse second time around: “Robot Hood” is just embarrassingly trite while “The Caretaker”, after a brilliant opening montage of Clara trying to balance her travels in the TARDIS with normal life, descends into a poor sitcom with zero tension and the Doctor acting like an idiot, made worse by the fact that it seems to go on for hours. “Kill The Moon” is almost unwatchable, because everything that’s good about it (and there’s quite a lot) is ruined by the fact that you know THAT ending is coming…

Still, I’ve got the double whammy of “Mummy…” and “Flatline” to come, which I’m looking forward to. And maybe I’ll discover that “In The Forest Of The Night” has “grown in stature” (to paraphrase Steven Moffat), though I doubt it.

I also watched Guardians Of The Galaxy again last night, and I’m even more convinced it was secretly written by Russell T Davies, it feels so much like a Tennant-era Who story. And I still love it to bits.

See you tomorrow.

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